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TP-1 Multiplex temperature meter (8 channel)


TP-1 multiplex temperature meter (8 channel)

TP series multiplex temperature meter is a kind of instrument which suits to real time monitors and trace multi-points temperature simultaneously; simple test, high precision and reusable thermocouple are its main advantages. The whole procedure in temperature rise is recorded to save and analysis by software. It is the best temperature rise test tool for household appliance such as electric bllast, motor and lamps, etc.


Characteristics and specifications:

8 channels for input temperature signal

K type thermocouple

Temperature range: -50-300

Testing accuracy: class 0.5

Capable of circle monitoring, single monitoring, printing and communication with PC

Channel sequence is displayed by 2 LED and temperature is displayed by 4 LED

Freely set up for channel sequence when circle monitoring

Application software in window scan track the changing of the selected channel temperature

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