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TP-X Multiplex temperature tester


TP-X multiplex temperature tester

TP-X multiplex temperature meter is an instrument with super big LED display and USB interface, suits to direct displaying or data saving in U disk. It suits to teal-time monitoring and tracing multi-points simultaneously. By taking advantage of semiconductor relay, it features of fast-speed scan, small noise and long life.


Characteristics and specifications:

Upper and lower limit set for sound alarm; super big LED displays multiplex channel data; USB interface available for data saved in U disk directly

Range of temperature: -100-1000

Channels of temperature input: max 8 groups, and 8 channels for each group

Accuracy: 0-1000: ± (reading*0.5%+1)℃; -100-0 (reading *0.52% +2)

Resistance to high frequency interference

Type thermocouple, T type and J type for special order (normally up to 300 degrees, special order for higher temperature)

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