HOPOOCOLOR has developed advanced imaging technology that can help world leading industrial OEM manufacturers and suppliers solve various challenging applications in brightness measurement, manufacturing integrity, and surface quality. We provide a wide range of high-precision automated visual inspection solutions suitable for various design and production environments.

Brightness and Chromaticity Measurement: We provide innovative brightness and display testing solutions for the consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, AR/VR, and lighting industries, helping high-value equipment manufacturers improve supply chain performance, reduce costs, and ensure flawless final products. By simulating the human eye's response to visible light and color, excellent accuracy is provided in testing displays (LCD, LED, OLED), backlight components, light sources, and lighting fixtures.

Advanced Vision: Our advanced imaging technology and software algorithms are based on the principle of brightness imaging in brightness measurement, and can provide groundbreaking functionality beyond traditional machine vision systems when detecting non luminous devices.

Light Measurement Applications

HOPOOCOLOR (Hangzhou Hopoo Light&Color Technology Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and production of optical instruments and measurement systems. As a professional integrator of optical testing instru...
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