The imaging luminance colorimeter&Photometer accurately matches the visual function of CIE1931, and can realize the measurement of two-dimensional luminance and chromaticity.

Provide various types of luminance and colorimeters and diversified optical automatic measurement systems, which have the advantages of high precision, fast measurement speed, and convenient operation. They are widely used in measuring optical parameters such as brightness, chromaticity, color temperature, and chromaticity uniformity of screens, displays, and backlight modules. The equipment has excellent stability and reproducibility, not only suitable for laboratory measurement, but also for optical quality control in the production line.

Helps display manufacturers improve their supply chain efficiency, reduce production costs, and ensure high quality end products.

Backlight Units (BLU)

Light leakage and non-uniformity in LCD and LED backlight units (BLUs) can render the performance of a display unit unacceptable. The human eye can't test for these conditions with accurate and repeatable results. Using spot measurement devices provides insufficient information with unacceptably long cycle times. HOPOOCOLOR’S meter comes with a library of predefined tests, including brightness and color uniformity, chromaticity, and contrast in panel display inspection—ensuring that every BLU meets performance standards.


Vehicle display detection

With the development of the smart car market, electronics, new energy, and lightweight have become new trends in the development of the automotive industry. Electronic modules such as intelligent driving systems and new energy management systems have become the heart of smart cars, and the demand for touch screen applications in the automotive field will increase significantly.

The car display screen is the main interface for human-vehicle interaction. The large central control screen, LCD instrument panel, streaming media rearview mirror, HUD head-up display, rear entertainment screen and other components enrich the functionality and entertainment of the car cockpit.

In the actual design and production of vehicle-mounted displays, there will be a series of adverse phenomena such as white spots, insufficient brightness, light leakage, uneven chroma, poor contrast, false pixel display, response time, and afterimages.

The optical items that can be tested by the Hongpu photochromic imaging colorimeter for the vehicle display include: brightness, chromaticity, uniformity, contrast and other tests.


Display Assembly Inspection

Manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, and other display devices rely on imaging colorimeters to ensure a flawless end-user experience. Automated optical inspection systems consisting of imaging colorimeters or photometers can provide manufacturers with greater accuracy, efficiency, and thoroughness in testing display quality and finding defects compared to manual inspection methods. Users can tailor pass/fail criteria according to their specific quality issues.


Embedded Display Detection

Integrators of professional displays for automotive, aerospace, medical and other industries need precise quality inspection solutions to ensure consistent display performance. The inspection solution made it easy to control the quality of the displays, allowing them to focus on total yield.

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