HOPOOCOLOR provides specially designed inspection systems for testing backlit keyboards, illuminated keys and illuminated control panels in high-volume manufacturing environments.

The CXS series is a scientific research-grade luminance and colorimetry equipment. Using a filter design that perfectly matches the CIE standard observer color matching function (CIE 1931), not only the two-dimensional brightness and color information of the measured object or space can be obtained, but also the angle and position information corresponding to the spatial position can be obtained. Therefore, it can be widely used in applications such as light source brightness and color measurement.

Consumer electronics products

Illuminated keyboards and keypads can exhibit variations in brightness and color from key to key, and even within keys, that are noticeable to the end-user. These flaws detract from the user experience and, in some cases, strongly impacts overall product usability. hopoocolor offers a deduced icated system for automated visual inspection of illuminated keyboards and keypads to measure luminance and chromatography of individual characters and the overall keyboard.

Symbols, Indicators, and Halos

Makers of control panels found in products that can directly impact safety and health—such as those produced by the automotive, aerospace, and medical equipment industries—must have accurate and reliable test systems for their backlit devices. 

You can perform calculations on a single character or a group of similar characters to ensure consistency within or between symbols, regardless of position, shape, size or color. The imaging colorimeter system provides comprehensive data through software, including average brightness of characters, minimum and brightness points, color value and dominant wavelength.


Backlit Signs

Manufacturers of backlit signage know the importance of designing according to strict light and color tolerances, regardless of the number of regions across a sign. In production, achieving the same level of quality means testing out variability in backlights and overlays, ensuring consistency from part to part.

For the measurement of backlit symbols, HOPOOCOLOR has specially designed a measurement system, which can automatically select backlit symbols based on chromaticity and brightness values, and is completely independent of the shape, size, position and positioning of symbols. This greatly simplifies the measurement of symbol-like components on the dashboard, making it easy to ensure uniformity of luminance and chromaticity. The software can perform calculations for one character individually or for many characters at the same time, ensuring uniformity of illumination between symbols and within symbols with a single measurement.

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