Light Measurement Applications

HOPOOCOLOR (Hangzhou Hopoo Light&Color Technology Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and production of optical instruments and measurement systems. As a professional integrator of optical testing instruments and automatic measurement systems, we are committed to providing customers with a full range of photoelectric display measurement solutions.

CX series Imaging Luminance Meter are ideal for high-precision, high-speed, high-brightness measurement

CXS Series Imaging Colorimeter&Photometer Provide Perfect Brightness and Uniformity Measurements

HOPOOCOLOR’s photometric imaging systems measure light and color in displays, illuminated keyboards, backlit panels and components, LEDs, and other light sources. Our imaging colorimeters and photometers are applied across industries to quantify and evaluate light-emitting devices for a range of values including luminance, illuminance, luminous intensity, total luminous flux, CIE chromaticity, correlated color temperature (CCT), light and color uniformity, and contrast. These values can be used in device characterization and design in lab settings and compared against production values for quality control on the line.

HOPOOCOLOR’s comprehensive display test solutions address the latest LCD, LED, and OLED technologies in smart devices and embedded displays, head-up displays, and near-eye displays, while our light source measurement systems provide high-accuracy characterization of LEDs and luminaires. Featuring high-resolution, low-noise image sensors and flexible sequencing software, our systems are the leading choice for high-volume production applications, helping manufacturers to improve supply chain performance, reduce production costs, and ensure a flawless end product.

Light Measurement Applications

Display test

The imaging luminance colorimeter&Photometer accurately matches the visual function of CIE1931, and can realiz...
Light Measurement Applications

Backlit Measure

HOPOOCOLOR provides specially designed inspection systems for testing backlit keyboards, illuminated keys and ...
Light Measurement Applications

Lighting Measure

Brightness is the most important quantity in lighting design and a key measure in road design and architectura...
Light Measurement Applications

Near-infrared (NIR) measurement solutions

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