The world leaders in the fields of electronics, automotive, aerospace, and other industries all rely on solutions for testing and measuring the brightness and chromaticity of rainbow colors to ensure absolute product quality and meet the demanding needs of customers. The global service team of Hongpu Light and Color has always been dedicated to researching market demand and developing customized solutions for customers to meet the constantly changing new challenges in the industry. At the same time, we provide a wide range of solution options for each application, rich industry experience, and profound industry understanding, enabling us to continuously improve the actual benchmarks of various departments.

Consumer electronics

Evaluate displays with pixel accuracy, suitable for research and development and production line testing


Professional solutions for automotive manufacturers and suppliers


Measuring cockpit panels,Cabin and exterior lighting.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Test the near eye display in the user's headgear and Smartglasses

Leds and Lights

Laboratory and production line solutions for light source modeling and ensuring design accuracy

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